Welcome to my digital public journal (I kinda hate the term "blog"). Notice how shiny it is. It's powered by Grav, a great lightweight flatfile CMS, running on top of nginx and ubuntu. But enough of the nerd talk...

My name is Aaron Hanson. I'm 41 years old as of this writing. I'm married and have a seventeen year-old son, and a second son is on the way! I'm a software engineer working in the Chicago area. I feel like I have a fairly complex worldview that's constantly shifting in the presence of new information. I like to think I'm quite rational, but we all have our irrational moments. I tend to see the good in humanity. I tend to be pretty even-tempered. There are of course times where these sentiments escape me (try converting me to your religion, perhaps). I also tend to offend people fairly regularly (my favorite sport?). I think, if you aren't offending someone somewhere, then you just aren't saying anything of import. I'm a big proponent of free speech and digital privacy, and sometimes donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

This journal will probably contain my musings/ramblings on a wide variety of topics. I'm a bit of a polymath (read: too many hobbies for my own good). Sorry if that makes a bit of a disjointed blog. Hopefully some of it ends up being interesting!

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